Sand Separator

Sand separators are used in car washes or in any other industry where the separation of sand from water is needed.

This is made out of a sole compartment. Water mixed with sand goes in the separator where it stays enough time so that the sand is decantated and is totally separated from the water.

The sand sediments on the lower parts of the tank and the water stays in the higher parts where it will be evacuated.

It is indicated that the sand separator is mounted before the mineral oil separator, this avoids possble problems with sand entering the oil separator.

Sand Separator Images

  • Shape : cylindrical with convex sides.
  • Capacity : up to 100.000 litres
  • Diameters : ⌀60, ⌀80, ⌀100, ⌀140, ⌀160, ⌀180, ⌀200, ⌀225, ⌀300


  • Fiber glass armed polyester – POLSTIF


  • Mechanical and chimical resistances
  • Corosion and bad weather resistances
  • Guaranteed impervious


  • The evacuation of sand periodically at least once every 6 months

How it works

  • Separation through decantation

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