Mineral oil separator

Mineral oil separators are used in places where water gets mixed up with mineral oils for example: auto services, garages, parking lots, car washes.

It’s role is to separate water from mineral fat.

The oil separator is composed out of a cylindrical tank split up in three compartments.

  • In the first compartment the residual water gets slowed down and in the bottom parts a sedimentation of the heavier molecules./li>
  • The left over liquid moves to the second compartment where the oil subtances are separated from the water by rising to the surface where they gather and form big spots.
  • The third compartment is fitted with a filter to retain the last particles of oil.
  • Shape : cylindrical with convex ends.
  • Capacity : up to 20.000 litres
  • Diameters : ⌀60, ⌀80, ⌀100, ⌀140, ⌀160, ⌀180

Mineral oil separators


  • Fiber glass armed polyester – POLSTIF.


  • Mechanical and chemical resistances
  • Corosion and bad weather resistances.
  • Guaranteed impervious


  • Evacuating the oil layer at least once every 3 months

How it works

  • Separation through decantation
  • Uniting the particles in big drops
  • Floating of bubbles