Water Treatment

Total oxygenation systems

The total oxygenation system is used for treating residual domestic waters. This system works through extended oxygenation of the water and respects the current European regulatory 91/271/CEE.

Sand separator

The sand separator is needed inside car washes and in any other area where the sand must be separated from the water. Installing a sand separator in car washes is done before installing the mineral oil separator, this avoids clogging of the system by keeping the sand out.

The water along with the sand will get inside the separator and stay there a long enough period of time until the sand sediments on the bottom of the tank and the water is clear. The sand remains on the lower part of the tank and the water is cleared through a pipe located on the top part of the tank.

Mineral Oil Separator

The mineral oil separator is used in areas where the water gets mixed up with mineral oils like: auto services, garages, car washes and parking lots. It’s role is to clean up the water and avoid pollution.

Septic tank

Septic tanks are watertight underground tanks that collect sewage produced by households, they almost completely eliminate concentrated pollution from within used waters and ensure the retention of solid and floating waste. In some cases, the septic tank can be used as a economical solution to sanitize the water network in an area devoid of a central wastewater treatment plant. Septic tanks are mostly individual solutions for wastewater treatment, they have limited capacity in terms of volume.