Upruc Pol from Fagaras Romania designs, produces and sells a large array of polyester tanks usable in a lot of industries. In the following sections you will find general information about our tanks, for more details please visit the dedicated pages for each type of product we have.

Horizontal overground tanks

The guaranteed durability and resistance of our horizontal overground tanks allow the storage of a large array of liquids from diverse industries in the best possible conditions. The polyester we build our tanks from has high resistances to corrosion, bad weather, mechanical and chemical effects. The tanks we produce come in a wide variety for more details please read the detalied Horizontal tanks page.

Underground tanks

Our underground tanks, made from armed polyester are the perfect and durable solution for stoking liquids underground. The underground tanks we produce come in various shapes and sizes, please read the dedicated page on underground tanks for more technical details. .

Vertical tanks

Horizontal tanks from UprucPol come in three series, each of the series has a wide spectrum of sizes and overall capacities. The three series are Series V, meaning a vertical tank on pedestals, Series VS, vertical tank on a metallic frame and Series C meaning a vertical tank with a cone-shaped bottom. For more information please visit our dedicated Vertical Tanks page.

Vertical tanks with a flat bottom

The vertical tanks with a flat bottom we produce can be mounted in high seismic activities areas with a scale of over 7, this fact is possible because of our special design and characteristics. They are the prefect solution for storing liquids in perfect safety in areas with a high degree of danger. For more details please read the Horizontal tanks with a flat bottom page.

Cisterns for transportation

The cisterns we produce are designed and built for the specific purpose of moving liquids and other materials from a wide variety of industries. This fact is possible because of the high quality of fiber glass armed polyester we use. Cisterns come in two series, Series H-TR, a circular section cistern, and Series E-TR, the ellipsoidal version, each series having a diverse selection of sizes. Read more about the cisterns on our Transport Cisterns page.

Areas of use

In the food industry, tanks produced by UprucPol are used for the storage of water, vinegar, oils, milk, wine and many more. Our tanks are preferred by a lot of companies because we pick our resins with great care and expertise making them a worthwhile investment that is guaranteed to be durable and impervious.

Within the chemical industry our tanks can be used to store a wide array of liquids from and for chemical installations, some examples include: hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid, ferric chloride, sodium hydroxide. Our tanks are highly resistant and absolutely perfect for a chemical storage solution, this is again possible due to our unrivaled expertise in choosing our resins allowing the tanks to store highly dangerous and corrosive materials with ease.

Underground tanks can be used directly withing the buffer supply for drinking water to rural or urban areas, these can store up to 150 cubic meters of water per piece or upt to 400 and 500 cubic meters in batteries of two or three tanks.

Also the very same tanks we build can be modified and be used as septic tanks, oil separators, mineral oil separators, sand separators and total oxygenation systems. This fact is possible because of their almost perfect engineering, making them highly versatile and most importantly useful.