Sticloplast antifricion parts

General Information

Sticloplast antifriction parts are for example: bushings, bearings, rings, skates, spherical bushings and are made for sliding bearings. These pieces are made of composite plastics, with and without carbon steel metal underlayers.

The structure of the material, for example, wall pieces, consist of an antifriction layer followed by fiber-reinforced laminated glass of the proper thickness.


The fizico-mechanical properties of sticloplast are compared with the ones of materials they can replace in the following table:

Specific weight, g/cmc1.6-1.88.5-9.42.5-2.9
Compression resistances, daN/mmpmin. 20min. 9
Bending resistances, daN/mmpmin. 256-9
Traction resistances, daN/mmp22-3035-452-4
Mechanical shock resistances, daNcm/cmpmin. 2515-20
Liniar expansion coefficient, cm/cm Cx10E-615.0-20.017.5-18.5172

Sticloplast antifricion parts can be prelucated mechanically through latheing, rectification, cutting, drilling however on the antfricional surface it is only admitted prelucating the eventual smearing channels.

The sticloplast material has excellent insulating properties. At the request of a customer we can also deliver pieces with anti static characteristics.

Sticlplast is also qualified to ionated radiations in the following conditions: integrated dosage 3 Mrad, max temperature 105°, life time 30 years

Tribotechnical characteristics

Friction coeficient:

  • dry (0.26-0.29)
  • water lubrified (0.08-0.18)
  • oil lubrified (0.06-0.08)
  • grease lubrified (0.06-0.08)

Produced: p x v, daN/cmp m/s (max. 30); p, daN/cmp (max. 250); v, m/s (max. 6)

Range of usage temperatures (from -30°, to 100°)

Sizes and shapes

The pieces are made in cylindrical shapes or in different geometrical shapes, depending on the needs. Cylindrical shapes are executed at the sizes:

  • interior diameter, mm (20-600)
  • length, mm (5-1000)
  • wall width, mm: pieces without a metallic frame (min.3), pieces with a metallic frame (min. 2)

Popular usages

  • Hydraulic Turbine – device manager, camp management, machinery, tools and equipment – lathes, mills, planers, boring-milling machines, presses, hydraulic presses, aluminum casting machines, turning aggregated frames, sheet cutting scissors, chainsaw, screw presses cold repressed, machinery and equipment of rubber and plastics processing industry – machines made tires, cutting machines fûÂsii rubber vulcanization machines, presses, rollers, extrusion lines, injection machines
  • Mining equipment – conveyor belt
  • Used for roads and bridges – loaders, crushers, excavators
  • Cable transport installations – batteries roller lift, lift, lift, cable car
  • Cranes
  • PCN-type pumps, PCV, MA, MV and ACV
  • Pneumatic ctuators

In the above mentioned applications or in other applications agreed upon with the customer, sticloplast parts replace parts of bronze, teflon, linear bearings.