Recreational boats


Recreational boats are produced through stamping, successive fiber-glass layering and impregnation with polyester resin until the indicated thickness is achieved. Thickness varies in different sections and accounts for boat stress.

To ensure buoyancy, the boats are provided with watertight buoyancy caissons and their bottom is reinforced with double walls, for safety reasons.

The exterior is coated in gel, based on the client’s color preference.

Barca Agrement

The boats come with metallic reinforcements: anchoring eye, forks, lifting hooks and a metal plate for fitting the driving motor.

The boats are equipped oars and can be fitted with a driving motor.

Capacity: 2 People


Length – 2370 mm
Width – 1120 mm
Height – 400 mm

Capacity: 4 People


Length – 3000 mm
Width – 1170 mm
Height – 550 mm

Capacity: 6 People


Length – 3860 mm
Width – 1370 mm
Height – 500 mm