– Discounts by up to 5-8% compared to standard prices;
– Free delivery within 200km of Fagaras for tanks with capacity between 1.000 and 20.000 liters;
– Free consulting for tank type choice;
– Warranty extended to 5 years for tanks designed to hold water or substances chemically nonaggresive;
– For purchases without a deadline or with payment terms beyond 30 days, bank guarantees are required,


We design, produce and sell a large array of fiber glass armed polyester tanks. We have underground, overground and vertical tanks which are produced under the ISO-9001 quality standard. Our polyester tanks have good mechanical properties and are resistant to corrosion, bad weather, mechanical and chemical wear.


Septic tanks are used for residual water treatment, similar to the urban ones, for locations that cannot be connected to the main sewage network. This happens in many countries for most of rural settlements and even some residential neighborhoods.


Sticloplast antifriction parts are for example: bushings, bearings, rings, skates, spherical bushings and are made for sliding bearings. These pieces are made of composite plastics, with and without carbon steel metal underlayers. The pieces are executed in cylindrical or other geometrical shapes, depending on project requirements.

About us

S.C. UPRUC POL S.A. is specialized in producing and selling a large array of polyester tanks and other products for use in various fields of activity such as the food industry, the chemical industry, water treatment, agriculture, photo-chemistry and construction. The company was founded in 2000 and carries on the tradition of S.C. UPRUC S.A. in manufacturing products made of polyester resins armed with fiberglass also known under the commercial brand of POLSTIF. The company has a production capacity of 1000 tons per year.




We are widely recognized as world leaders on the international market in producing fiber glass armed polyester porducts, a proof of this is our wide portfolio of clients coming from a wide variety of industries. Please visit the dedicated portfolio page in order to see some our current and past customers.


Polstif is our registered brand, it ended up as representing the quality and perfection of our polyester products armed with fiber glass. The brand is registered at the official State Office for Investment and Trademarks of Romania and is the de facto standard of polyester resins products.


We are a company with a wide vision, offering our clients quality, competitive prices and creative solutions. We work with our clients to offer them the best services and the most efficient and durable products.


Our Clients